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Barletta Declaration on:

Philosophy and Interculturality (2024)

The "Declaration on Philosophy and Interculturality" (informally known as the "Barletta Declaration") was drafted at the invitation of the G7 Summit in Italy to produce a document discussing some of the pressing philosophical issues facing the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States) and the European Union.

The declaration was drafted on 23 and 24 May 2024 in Barletta, Italy, by a group of leading scholars participating in an international philosophy summit on "Conviviality and dialogue in-between people". This declaration will be presented both at this year's G7 Summit (G7 Italia 2024) and at the XXV World Congress of Philosophy (Rome 2024).

Text of the declaration and list of authors and signatories
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Website with further information on the Barletta Declaration: Bryan Van Norden

Signatories of the Barletta Declaration (23 May 2024); left to right: 

Paolo Ponzio, Mario De Caro, Philipp Dorstewitz, Maurice Aymard, Bryan Van Norden, Sharon Macdonald, Marienza Benedetto, Michael Beaney, Luca Maria Scarantino, Rolf Elberfeld, Ahmed Al Samahi, William Sweet, Fabrizia Giuliani, Emidio Spinelli, Anke Graneß, Mikhail Minakov, Jean-Paul De Lucca.


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